Walk through Yokohama

We walked through Yokohama

As some of you know, we like to take a walk around the neighbourhood after we arrive in a new town. This time we took a walk through Yokohama. We call Yokohama the city that Rotterdam in the Netherlands wants to be. Yokohama looks like a grey and industrial city, but it is full of magnificent sites. There are nice views from gardens that are place high on a hill or blue coloured waters running through the city, streets of small drinking places for the night and shrines hiding between or behind the shopping streets. We really enjoyed the place. We also came across a shopping street were there were lot of places were we could eat some noodles.

Address: Shopping street regarding our walk – Google Maps

Gundam Factory

The Gundam Factory is on of the thing we wanted to see in Yokohama. It is a real big deal among Japanese and if you are hyped about Gundam in the same way we are, you have to visit it. The Gundam Factory is a small, but a fun experience. There is a lab about how the Gundam robot has been build, a shop for Gundam miniatures and of course a place where you can read about history of Gundam itself. On the mainstage, Gundam preforms his moves.

Address: Gundam Factory Yokohama – Google Maps

Website: GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA (gundam-factory.net)

Admission: 1650,00 Yen per adult

For more information about Yokohama, stay tuned. If you want to read more about our stay in Tokyo, please go to History and modern art ยป Japan (timellen.net).

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