Walking through Ise Jingu

Ise Jingu

Walking through Ise Jingu was one of the things we had to do. This supposed to be the biggest place for the Japanese Shinto religion. Before we entered the shrine, we first found a street with shopping possibilities. These shops are built in old Japanese houses. When we walked further, we found the bridge crossing the river into the same ground where the shrine is. The shrine was surrounded by wooden structures and it was impossible to see it from the place where we were standing. Do not get us wrong, but for a two and a half hour drive by metro from Nagoya, we where somewhat disappointed. The forest, surroundings and the shopping streets were very impressive.

Address: Ise Jingu – Google Maps

Next time Nagoya is up and it is going to be a nice one. For more information about train travel in Japan, go to timellen.net/on-our-way-to-hamamatsu.

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