War museum and Drunense duinen

Museum of war Overloon

This is the biggest museum in the Netherlands regarding World War II. We decided to pay in front because the last time we went to a museum is was sold out. It’s a good thing we did because it was full. After we entered the first thing we found is a hall full of collectibles regarding the German occupation. There is a lot of history to tell and the most interesting thing that we found, is that the Germans loved their paperwork and the reason why Dutch people love their road signs. After the history part we walked into a big hall with a lot of bicycles, vehicles, planes, radios, artillery and ships. It was pretty impressive, especially the big vehicles. We enjoyed it very much.

Loonse and Drunense Duinen National Park

We chose to walk a route that was 10,5 km around the Drunense Duinen. The map we found on the internet. The route itself had no signs and that made it though to follow. Before we were halfway, we lost our way already and walking in the sand made us go slower. So after a while we decided to make our own route and we started to follow the numbers of a walking network. The sightings were very pretty and we loved the part in the dunes. In the forest the sightings were less beautiful, but that can also be because there was no sun. We really enjoyed the walk and the walk was still 10.5 km long.

That’s it for know. We are only one and a half week away until we are flying to Iceland. So wish us luck. Should be fun.


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