Waterloopbos and Naturalis

Naturalis? You Dutch readers might think “That’s not near Zwolle at all!” And you are right, it is not. We had to be in Leiden for Tim’s by-annual blood tests which he needs to do because of his Hemophilia. Since we both had never been to the Naturalis and it’s in walking distance of the hospital, we decided to visit.


The Naturalis is a 200 years old natural historic museum based in an amazing looking building. They moved into this futuristic piece of architecture not too long ago. The museum has an impressive display of taxidermy, fossils and minerals. The crown jewels are a meteorite which was formed at the formation of our solar system, which means its old than the earth, and a massive skeleton of a Tyrannosaur Rex which has the lovely name of Trix. We had a great time walking this museum and it was well worth spending half a day there.


We also went for another hike this week. Near the town of Vollenhoven is a forest which used to be home of a laboratorium in which they performed experiments with water. The lab was not one with people in labcoats using microscopes but an outdoor lab with large installations to perform tests with large bodies of water and test their behavior against man made structures. This was mainly done test the contruction of the Delta Works.

Apart from the cool surreal concrete and metal structures, the surrounding nature was very nice. The only downside was, due to the fact it’s summer here in the Netherlands and the large amounts of water in the area, there we alot of mosquito’s. Standing still meant dinner time for these buggers so we had to keep moving.

We’re approaching the weekend again which means for us to spend some time working on our projects for 2 days. Next week we have some more hiking and sightseeing planned and then it’s time to move to another location again.

Bye for now!




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