We arrived in Japan

Arriving in Japan

We arrived in Japan. One of the places we both wanted to visit for a long time already. Our six-hour flight was rather good, but we prefer wider seats. Luckily, we booked some seats with extra leg room. We both got a lot of sleep on the plane this time. Which was nice because we had a lot of stuff to take care of.

Our first day we slept two hours before we heard there was a moon eclipse. It was really nice. The rest of the day we stayed in our apartment. We wanted to take some rest before we went of visiting things.


The next day we went to walk around in Asakusa. Asakusa is a quiet place close to a few main attractions and close to the river. From there we start our walk to the Senso-Ji Temple. This temple was very different to the one we saw in Thailand. Inside the temple we grabbed the opportunity to read our fortune. Tim was being told he had to watch out for the bad man. Ellen was told that she would meet a delightful face with a smile like colorful flowers. There are some wrong translations in it we think, but it was fun. We really like to see a place with so many historic parts in it.

Address: Sensō-ji – Google Maps

Admission: Free

Tokyo Skytree

The Tokyo Skytree is a must when you are in Tokyo. We went there on our first day and it was very nice. We have seen a lot of this kind attractions, but we think this one has the best view we have seen so far. You can see the ocean and the river running through the city. On the other side you can see the elevated highway and off course the center of Tokyo itself. There is a difference between the lowest observatory and the second one. You can see much more from the second one.

Address: Tokyo Skytree – Google Maps

Admission: 3100,00 Yen per person for highest observatory, 2100,00 Yen per person for lowest observatory.

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