Zagori’s finest

Lucas stay

We received the tip to go to Ioannina because of it’s surroundings. It supposed to be different then the rest of Greece. We booked a house in Aspragelli and as we arrived the first thing we’ve noticed was the landscape. In one hour drive the season has changed from hot summer weather to the beginning of fall. Some of the trees were getting orange, the land itself was greener with more mountains and the houses and people were more decently. The view was amazing. The place we were staying in, was rebuild by the owner. Luckily the owner happened to speak our language which is Dutch. No problems with communication.


Vikos gorge

The first day we stayed here it rained and we stayed in our house. The second day we wanted to do something. We received a map from the owner and went to the Vikos gorge. This is the deepest gorge in the whole world. The view was so beautiful that we could not turn away from it.

Stone forest

After we pulled ourselves away from the gorge, we visited a stone forest that’s close by. The stones seemed to be layers of flat rocks and it almost looked like someone placed them there like this. Normally there’re supposed to be boundaries for tourist but there weren’t any. Afterwards we realized that we were those crazy tourists climbing on everything.


As last we visited a monastery called Agia Parreskevi which was build in the gorge. In the monastery there was a small painted chapel. The view from here was amazing. Although it was small, it was exactly what we wanted to see.

Tomorrow we are going to walk through the gorge from the other side. And this is one of our last days in Greece. We booked a ferry back to Italy because of the weather change. We hope the get more warmer days there.


There are none.


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